Online Foot Reflexology Course

Online Foot Reflexology Course

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Reflex zone Therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic treatment, which was and is used in many cultures to remain in optimal health.
 It is a therapeutic system whereby the feet and hands are deeply massaged without exceeding the pain threshold!

Reflexology probably originated in China, 3000 BC. In China it was often used in combination with acupuncture. But also in Egypt inscriptions were found from 2500 BC which indicated reflex zone therapy.

In reflex zone therapy, we assume the body is divided into ten vertical energy paths, the so-called energy lines. Thus, these lines have nothing to do with acupuncture or meridians.

Online Foot Reflexology Course, with online videos and syllabus

Access to the member portal!

Immediately after registration  you will receive the login codes to access the online  Foot Reflexology Course 

The entire course is explained here on clear video material

So you can view the entire massage at all times.

The syllabus can be downloaded & printed here.