Online Chair Massage course

Online Chair Massage course

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Would you like to give
a wonderful chair massage?

Feel completely relaxed within 20 minutes!

A chair massage is a brief massage that lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Clients get to keep their clothes on. You use a chair specially designed for chair massages. You can easily take this chair with you. So you can give massages either in the workplace or in people' s homes.

The advantages of
a proper chair massage

Various problems can be prevented or remedied by regular chair massage, such as: RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and general shoulder and neck discomfort. These issues often occur as a result of incorrect work postures or staying in the same work posture, or as a result of stress.

A lot of companies have discovered the benefits of chair massage and offer their employees the opportunity to enjoy it on a regular basis. It is inexpensive and improves employees' work ethic, productivity and loyalty.

What you will learn in this online chair massage course:


  •   How to massage supplely through clothing.
  •   A variety of techniques: how to apply gentle pressure
  •   Thumb pressure
  •   Tapotement and petrissage
  •   Acknowledge contraindications; when is chair massage warranted or not.

What Is Included In
This Online Chair Massage course?


  •   Work book, syllabus in the form of an E-Book
  •   Video material: follow the complete massage step by step, all you need is an internet connection
  •   Receive a certificate as proof of participation for $7.50